20 February 2012

Not Yet Decided

Decided or Not Yet Decided?

It’s a merger of four music-enthusiasts from four different bands, of four different genres. Not Yet Decided (N.Y.D) is a crazy band consisting of Kabya (vocals), Sam (guitars), Kanad (bass), Sayan (drums). Formed in 2010 but individually they have been playing since a decade now and were recently caught at IIM Joka, Kolkata, where they won the  Armageddon Carpe diem 2012.

1.    Why Not Yet Decided?

Why not?
Initially we were unable to decide a name and now we don’t want to decide any and you can’t deny it’s a cool name!

2.  How would you describe the band and its genre best to someone who has not heard of the band?

Again the genre is not yet decided, because we are trying to make our own sound. NYD is a hyperactive/alternative/nu-age/modern metal band. The lyrics are personal; we don't talk about society, politics, etc. We express our lifestyle through music and we use a lot of puns and innuendos. We have catchy chorus lines, tight bass-drum groove and innovative guitar playing.

3.   What do you do apart from music?

Kabya - I am a student of literature, presently working as a copywriter with an ad agency
 Sam- I am an animation student, presently working under a 3D department in a company;
 Kanad- I am an automobile engineering student;
 Sayan- I am a full-time musician apart from that I am a drums instructor at an institute.

4.  Which are the bands that have influenced NYD's sound? Indian artists you admire?

Individually we all are inspired by a variety of musicians and styles of music. But specifically NYD's sound is somewhat influenced by Slipknot, S.O.A.D, Mudvayne, Korn, Seether, Disturbed, Trust Company, Pantera etc. Indian artists like Scribe, Pin Drop Violence, Undying Inc. are worth mentioning.

5.   Do you guys have a bunch of new songs now? Is there a compiled release as a part of 'future release'?

We have nine original compositions at present, out of which two OC's were featured in a compilation album named Groundead Volume I which was released in 2010; which means that we released originals just 6 months after we formed the band! And one in another compilation called Hellpad, released in 2011.

L-R: Sam, Kanad, Sayan, Kabya

6.   How has been your experience and expectations from the release of your debut compiled album?

The experience was really incredible; there was many new things to learn. You see, playing live onstage and recording in a studio is entirely a different ball game. Studio work is definitely tougher, on stage you are unable to hide your mistakes but in a Studio one has a scope to improvise.
Well we don't expect to run around the world with just a compilation album. We are greedy people, we obviously want a full length album and we are expecting some good gigs after the release of the album.

7.   Do you think reality shows are a good platform for non-mainstream music? Would you go for such a thing?

Yes, of course! We individually had been a part of reality shows earlier. Through reality shows, we can approach a bigger audience and gather a great response.

8.    What are your views on piracy in the global scene?

Piracy is of course an enemy of the music business. The amount of effort, time, money devoted on making and creating music is wasted because of piracy. Piracy is a huge business and cannot be stopped easily. So, we request to the listeners to buy the original CD to support the band after previewing it for free online. Having said that piracy also helps the indie scene thrive, so yeah, it’s a necessary evil.

9.   Where do you find yourself in the present music scenario of Kolkata?

We have done our bit in the competition circuit and have created our own following by not just winnings, but with our songs, stage-presence etc. We have been invited to play at many indie gigs in Calcutta and have headlined a few as well. So right now, we are planning to release an EP within three months and tour as much as we can.

10.               Any last words?

Kabya- Stay ‘ECCENTRICK’ :)
Sam- Will keep making noise.
Kanad- N.Y.D forever !
Sayan- The insane-most is yet to come.

N.Y.D performing @ Someplace Else, Kolkata

Check 'em out!

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