13 March 2012

Horns up \m/

Wassup with the Horns Up?

I haven't laughed so hard in ages! What the hell is going on? After George Bush, Obama, Britney Spears, Avril Lavigne, Miley Cyrus, Salman Khan; it’s Justin Bieber, the most annoying kid around who’s up with the devil horns?!

What is it? A very cool “yo-yo” pose?  Half the people using it don’t even know what it means, simply cheapening and commercializing it. The HORNS is used to show your appreciation to Rock and Metal. It’s not the same symbol used by our beloved Spiderman, when he shoots his web. What was once a symbol of uniformity and rebellion exclusively for a community of metalheads, has now become a casual symbol, just to do with your hands in any photo.

First and foremost, the sign is not meant to show how “kewl” or awesome you are.
Second, it DOES NOT mean “Rock on”.
Third, nor it means “rocking”. Metal is NEVER rocking, nothing is rocking about metal.
Lastly, don’t put up pictures throwing up those horns, especially if you are doing it wrong. Hanging those thumbs out makes you look like crap.

The horns are a sign of recognition for fellow Rock/Metal lovers. It’s a sign of respect for musicians of the genre. After crying like a fool to the songs of Enrique, Taylor Swift, Adele, and tapping your foot to Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Pit Bull; you SHOULD NOT/ MUST NOT use the horns randomly to greet people or pose like a mentally retard for a Facebook Dp. The horns hold a very special place in every headbanger’s heart. If your head is neither banging nor thrashing, don’t use it or it will be an open invitation to throw you in the Pit/the Wall of Death by the metalheads.
Trust me on this, airheads. \m/


  1. Really good, it's important for people to know what devil horns mean, and where to use it. Only Rock Music lovers will understand it. Good job that's what I will say. Keep it up...

  2. salute u 4 raise ur middle finger infront of d posers....

  3. hey i find it reallly interesting ...wooow one of the best wrks ....nice sanhitaism ... here goes my \m/ \m/

    1. The article on metal horns was sick :) i just hope this puts in some sense in them losers who think showing them horns is cool! go sanhita go! rip 'em apart!

  4. dnt knw how others will react...but i am pretty much sure that the words you used are damn true..!!! :) u have my support on this..!!! seriously ..off all people...justin finally did it.!!! till salman it was,,you know kinda "ok ok" thing..!!! haha :D
    and yes...horns are only n only 4 "respect"!!!!!
    gr8 blog...btw!! :)

  5. it is true .... it was discovered by a metal musik legend sir roni james dio ..... n it was perhaps use for the actual support to the metal musik culture , this article really shows the dedication sanhita has on this issue ... .... wht i beleive horns r up for these metal family and it will stay with us .... \m/ \m/ \m/ ...........it is a gr8 blog .... SALMAN N JUSTIN BEIBAR should read this article of her .... nice work ...sanhita .... \M/

  6. true !! its very important to knw about all this !! now a days the Devil's Horns hand gesture is one that has come to signify every thing rock. However these days it has become less and less so by it's overuse and misuse. In today's music market it appears that no band that claims to even be the tiniest bit rock can be photographed without at least one of them making this symbol., :\ "horns" was a symbol of darkness....The way that this found its way into rock culture is via Ronnie James Dio and Black Sabbath.!! Simple Plan,Avril Lavigne,Britney Spears ...etc.. they r bullsit carp :\ Whatever the future holds for the Horns as it should be called, whether or not they simply become a symbol of music in general, they will always hold a special place in every head-banger's heart. F--kin metal on \m/... sanhitanice blog , well said well done !! brutal \m/

  7. thank u 4 bringing light on the fact which we metalheads are annoyed of..
    it has really becum a fashion statement dese days..
    hope this blog of urs wll educate some dumb's n wannabe's..
    this blog is a tight slap 2 dem...

    wll expect some more unconventional n interesting blogs from you in d near future :)
    Respect \m/

  8. very attractive blog san,my dear opponent..:)

  9. i really like the way it's written...short, crisp and informative. i personally don't have much idea about metal music but i really don't like the way people posing 'horny'....

    keep it up girl.....:)

  10. I really loved this entry.. i had no idea about the meaning of "Devil's Horns" before this.. the writing is catchy as it is short and to the point.. keep up the good work girl.. :)

  11. Ronnie James Dio said that the Devil Horns were originally a symbol from Italian culture called the "Moloich", which was used to ward off people giving you the evil eye. But it could also be used to give people the evil eye ;) It is probably this duality of the symbol, that's made it an integral part of Metal culture, which tries to show us both sides of ourselves.
    As for people using this symbol indiscriminately, its very much like posers grabbing a guitar and forming a band without learning to play shit nowadays. People do it just because its "hip" and "cool" and they want to show off. I thought it was already bad, but Bieber doing it takes the cake :P Couldn't get worse after this.
    Kudos, Sanhita, for writing about this. You're doing a great job. Looking forward for more. :)

  12. even though im not a metal head..i know the meaning n use f the "metal horn". this same thought f pussy pop morons using it just to show how "cool" they are has crossed my mind b4 and im sure f many others...but im proud f the fact that you took up the initiative to write on it! :)
    love.. samadrita!

  13. Very well written, had me in splits!

  14. feel free to walk around holding out the damn Horns like your waving a flag

  15. I kinda disagree , it's true the symbol has a meaning, we shouldnot commercialise it without knowing anything about it but it completely depends upon person to person , how he or she gonna use this symbol for what purpose wherever he or she wants to, its a free country right? Everyone has there right to do what they want to, you can't direct them :) it's better to just enjoy what we like and just ignore about all this :)

  16. Cute article. Just so you know, that last picture didn't illustrate her inability to throw horns - it just proved that you don't always know what you're talking about. She was saying "I love you" in American Sign Language, which is why she had a little heart drawn on her fingers.

    ...And FYI, Texas Longhorn fans were doing this long before metal claimed it as its own.

  17. Oh, and G-Dub and his wife were throwing their TEXAS LONGHORNS horns. They live in Texas, are lifelong University of Texas fans, and raise - you guessed it - LONGHORN bulls on their ranch in...where?...that's right: Texas.